Towering Erections are within your grasp!

Firstly, thank you for visiting!  If you came here looking for something ~different, you landed on the WRONG page.  We provide a high quality, handcrafted game with building blocks and a case/stand used to build Towering Erections (think JENGA® on steroids).  The game teaches principles of structural engineering, decision-making, dexterity, team building, stress management, and mostly, FUN with friends!

Our solution is Towering Erections for all, and…
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Yes!  Towering-Erections is intended to be a bit irreverent, tongue in cheek – funny, Adam Sandler kind-of-humor.  In fact, we thought about calling our product Massive Erections, but that was already taken by some perv!

*If you don’t have tolerance for this type of humor, then let’s call it “no harm – no foul!”  And, we still have a game set for you here.

If you DO want to join in the fun, our promise is simple.  We offer an exceptional, handcrafted product: MADE IN AMERICA… fresh out of northern Kentucky across from Cincinnati (not straight outta Compton).  Towering Erections is high quality and includes a beautiful wooden case that doubles as a stand.  And, we’ll work hard to provide you with a FUN buying experience.

As you can imagine no Towering Erections are exactly alike.  As with any result of a skilled artisan using natural materials, your towering erections will vary according to the nature of the WOOD.  We think those subtle differences actually enhance the enjoyment of Towering Erections.

We give you the tools to produce the most satisfying Erections.  Towering Erections blocks are packed in a handcrafted case, which doubles as a sturdy foundation for your biggest erections.  With proper care Towering Erections will last a long time, and there’s no need to consult a physician, if your erections last more than four hours.